Saturday, September 12, 2020

Greenery in the Mangroves

This month I desperately needed to get out in nature, but especially get some green. I am thankful we've been able to visit the beaches so much this summer, but this Colorado gal has been missing mountains and trees. 

A bit north is an area called the Mangroves. (You might recall we went on a kayaking trip there in January.) It was amazing and our entire family loved the trip and being on the water! It was the perfect place to re visit for a change of scenery and since we don't own kayaks, we grabbed our water shoes and took to the muck and wandered amongst the greenery one afternoon. 

I'm thankful for these ladies who didn't hesitate to jump at the chance for an adventure in the Mangroves with us and who love on my girls like their own. ❤️

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