Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Stingerie Superhero Birthday Party!

We opted to do a joint birthday party again because that's the easiest for our family and we had to do it early because of summer holidays starting and people leaving already. The girls didn't mind of course. ;-)

Chocolate Fish Parties had the exact same superheroes printed as decor and photo booth props which turned out to be a huge life-saver and my friend Marli arrived early and helped me set everything up in the clubhouse which was invaluable. Jason and I made the cookies and the cake and cupcakes (remind me next year that filling fondant is not actually as easy as it sounds-ha). I love how everything turned out and am thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate with our girls!

The activities during the party were five different tasks the kids had to finish in their training to become a superhero. The stations were Strength (carrying a 2L bottle back and forth a line), Endurance (jumping in the bouncy castle for five minutes), Creativity (designing their own superhero logo and/or name), Intelligence (solving riddles), and Agility (running through a mini obstacle course). After they finished their reward was decorating cookies!

Then we moved to singing happy birthday to these superheroes and eating all the sweets!

We managed to sort of get a group photo with most of the attendees and the girls got the birthday present from us (bicycles).

Happy birthday Stingerie superhero girls!!

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