Thursday, June 20, 2019

Happy 6th Birthday Madison!

A very happy birthday sweet girl! I can hardly believe you are already S I X years old. Looking back at pictures made me realize just how far you’ve come and what an amazing young lady you are becoming. 

God knew you’d need an ability to adapt and make friends easily with this expat lifestyle and you have embraced that. You love deep and easily to everyone and make friends immediately wherever you go. I pray you always love this way despite whatever the world throws your way.

You show amazing leadership and inclusion abilities and I pray you continue to use those to help people and guide them the way you do with your sisters.

Your joy and compassion are inspiring and I look forward to seeing how you grow in the Lord and share the gifts He’s given you. I love you so very much Madison Rose!

We celebrated your birthday at your restaurant of choice (Chili's - the one with the play area) and you loved having them sing to you and run around. 

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