Friday, June 14, 2019

Al Nebras Montessori Notes and Pics from 2018-2019

One of the reasons I started blogging was to document our family traveling and growing and now living overseas. A few years ago I started printing the blog into a yearly book to document our adventures and since I'm still doing that and this is the best record I have, I want to capture the girls time spent at Al Nebras and the notes we got from their teachers for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Madison (Teacher: Ms J) - December 2018

  • No adjustment problems since starting
  • Happy and confident with good social skills
  • She calm and good at listening and participating; good leader (not pushy)

Evelyn (Teacher: Ms S) - December 2018
  • Very social and making friends easily
  • She's always working with someone and does not like to work alone
  • Needs to be reminded to work and not socialize
  • Starting to learn numbers

    Olivia (Teacher: Ms S) - December 2018
    • Like sensorial tasks and puzzles
    • She prefers to work independently rather than with groups
    • She's happy and independent
    • Starting to learn numbers

    Madison (Teacher: Ms J) - June 2019
    • Good at influencing others because she's confident and popular
    • It's good for her to be with older kids to temper her sometimes
    • She rules the class, but is not pushy - she's gentle and kind
    • She's starting to do better adjusting to not getting her way, but still has an attitude at times

    Evelyn (Teacher: Ms S) - June 2019
    • She's good with her letters and has learned them quickly
    • She's talkative and confident, easy going, and good with large groups
    • She's left-handed for the most part, but does some activities with her right

    Olivia (Teacher: Ms S) - June 2019
    • She knows some letters, but not as interested in them as numbers and puzzles
    • She want to be alone when she's working
    • She likes hands-on activities
    • Prefers to be with Evelyn or close friend and tends to be quieter and less social

    And here's the twins together. It will be a transition for them to be in separate classes next year when they all move to International School of London in the fall.  

    Here's their pictures from the first day to the last day. Wow, they've grown!

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