Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weekly, Err Monthly Wrap-Up: November

Well since I can't seem to get a Weekly Wrap-up done, then we will just have to go with a Monthly Wrap-up. November flew by pretty quickly with our trips to Dubai at the beginning of the month and Phuket at the end. The middle was filled with countless hours house hunting (don't even get me started on that - it's a whole post of its own), Marine Corps Ball, these cuties turning 16 months, and lots of laughter and fun with our girls.

1. I learned how to can my salsa! I've got some supplies coming from the US to make things a bit easier in the future. :-)
2. We had a fun play date and dinner with the Roberts family.
3. All three girls playing together.
4. New favorite activity - riding the car and tricycle indoors.
5. Panda and tricycle love.
6. Daddy and Madi had a date day and attended the circus here in Baku.
7. Mads and her bff Coops. On our trip to Phuket I overheard her telling the flight attendant the following - "My name is Madison Stingerie Rose. I am three years old. Cooper is my best friend. He likes dinosaurs." Heart. Melt.
8. More panda love. She's stolen all three pandas and claimed them as her own - do not try to take one.
9. Madi trying on her Novruz outfit we bought at a Christmas bazaar. She will wear it for the national holiday next March.

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