Thursday, November 10, 2016

Evelyn and Olivia: 16 Months

We have gotten to see a lot more of the girls' personalities this month and it's been fun and challenging at the same time! We took a trip to Dubai and discovered that we have one toddler who is more cautious and reserved when it comes to new surroundings...and one who barrels ahead with excitement. Any guess which is which?! ;-)

Dearest Evy,
You are my cautious baby. It was so cute watching you hesitate to walk on the glass floor or the gap to step onto the elevator. You reach your hand up for mine or Daddy's for reassurance that it's okay to proceed. You have started to say "hees" for cheese, "cece" for CeCe, "puh" for pouch, and "pass" for "paci". You love to feed yourself and make a gigantic mess. If Olivia or Madi are crying you will find their stuffed animals and bring them to them (and you'll bring Olivia her pacifier). You are the kind, peacemaker so far. You are quick now to give kisses and are good going to strangers. You like to walk up to people and stick your hand out for them to take it and walk with you. We love your spunky personality and kindness!
Love, Mommy

Dearest Liv,
You tricked us early on into thinking that you were going to be the easy-going baby. The tables have turned and you are a right handful. You have started to show your spirit of defiance by looking at us and running away with a smile on your face. You are quite the little stinker! You like to steal toys from your sister and are very expressive when you want something. We've finally gotten you to say "zozo" for "Zoey, but you still prefer to call her (and all animals actually) "zaza". You've also just recently started saying "uh oh" and it's pretty dang adorable. You were in your element on our trip to Dubai when we visited the aquarium and the zoo. And you expressed your dislike when it was time to change exhibits or (gasp) leave. You had some health challenges this month with eczema and rashes and we've been recommended to get additional allergy testing and are being extra cautious with foods and environment. You are spirited and adorable and you brighten our day with your smile!
Love, Mommy

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