Thursday, December 29, 2016

December - That's a Monthly Wrap-up

In keeping with my recent trend of Monthly Wrap-ups, we've got December ready. Hopefully I get back on the blogging wagon in January and can at least so bi-monthly updates??

1. Green City ladies Christmas dinner just after we returned from our trip to Thailand.
2. A Mommy-Madi date with Starbucks
3. How does she look so grown up?!
4. Ready and prepared for my mom to arrive at the beginning of the month!
6. I helped host a baby shower for a sweet friend.
7. Madi was less-than-impressive in her school play. :-/
8. But she perked up for Santa!
9. Fun trip to Wonderland and gift exchanging with her BFF before they left for Christmas

1. Playgroup with the twins and Grandma!
2. Night time shenanigans.
3. And cat shenanigans. Anyone in Baku want a cat?!
4. Madi loved playing in the snow and making small snowballs with the modest dusting we had.
5. We got a night off to attend the BBG ball and thanks to Grandma we got to spend the night at a hotel!
6. Evy and Daddy laughs.
7. Seriously though - anyone want a cat? We'll keep the car seat.
8. Evy starting on her daily chores. ;-)
9. We had a rough day in the middle of the month - my ATM card got stuck, the wall fixture burst and water was pouring into the bathroom, the boiler leaked and put water all over the garage and living room, and then Olivia accidentally had egg white and we got to take a trip to the emergency room. Fortunately she didn't have a full anaphylactic reaction, but it was a comically horrific day.

1. Exploring the Christmas markets in Fountain Square.
2. All three girls love the Ferris Wheel!
3. A Starbucks stop to warm up and snack on popcorn.
4. Grandma and Madi all smiles shopping together!
5. Papa Jeff finally arrived and the girls were excited to see him!
6. Madi teaching Evy animal sounds.
7. & 8. New bathrobes. :-)
9. Movie time as Madi introduces Papa Jeff to Brave.

The day after Papa Jeff arrived we had tickets for the circus. It was quite the experience and the girls loved seeing the animals. They were so excited!

Jason was able to take the Monday after Christmas off and we spent it exploring Baku. We started with a traditional Azeri breakfast in Old City followed by a visit to the Maiden Tower. Afterwards we walked around Fountain Square and the Boulevard. It was a long day, but a fun one!

We made sure to visit Wonderland, the indoor play area, while Grandma and Papa Jeff were here. All three girls enjoyed climbing around and I learned it's best to try and get a group photo in the beginning rather than wait until the end.

It's been an amazing, but far-too-quick December and we aren't looking forward to having to say our goodbyes to Grandma and Papa Jeff in just a few days. We're so thankful they've been able to visit and I think we've done a pretty good job keeping them busy and entertained. ;-)

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