Saturday, July 2, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up: The Rest of June!

After Madi's third birthday, the rest of June flew by. Here's some pics and videos of the remainder of the month from the past week and a half. :-)

1. Cutest Vera Bradley baby ever - Olivia
2. Tied for Cutest Vera Bradley baby ever - Evelyn :-)
3. I was asked recently if the girls ever played together. I said not really, but they steal each other's toys. I swear just a couple days later we caught them doing this - playing peek a boo with one another through the curtains. See the video below for cuteness overload.
4. Sick Evy :-( She spiked a high fever (104 F / 40 C) and was definitely not herself. She doesn't normally cuddle and she wouldn't let us put her down for a couple of days.
5. Doctor Madi got out her doctor's kit to check kitty and then Evy.
6. Got some medicine and all better! Kidding!! It's an old prescription of mine with a toy inside that they like to shake. However, after the doctor ruled out ear infection we just continued with over the counter medicine for her fever and she's was back to normal after a few more days. Hopefully just bad teething fever??
7. Relaxing Zoey.
8. We had a play date with some friends at a new mall in Baku. They had a really awesome indoor play area similar to our beloved Leo's Lekeland in Norway. The kids ran off and played for hours and we got a chance to chat. When we left Madi kept asking "Where are my boys?" HA!
9. And of course she fell asleep on the car ride home... but perked up right away when "her boys" decided to come over. ;-)

1. Despite having a lot of fun and making new friends I've really been missing Norway. Here are some of my favorite reminders sitting on a kitchen shelf.
2. A favorite meal - salmon salads. The salmon was significantly more than we paid in Norway, but worth the splurge for nostalgia.
3. Ice cream poolside = happy Madi.
4. Liv also loves going to the pool!
5. Family pool time one evening.
6. And when we are too lazy to go to the big pool we setup the little pool in the backyard and drink prosecco.
7. Our amazing nanny Ms Meri making play doh with Madi and her friends Cooper and Logan.
8. The kids had a blast building and then Madi wanted to take a picture. She took one in color and said "Hold on, I want a dark one." Then I watched her change the filter to black and white and snap away. #sheknowstheiphonebetterthanme
9. Kids playing together nicely, moms drinking together happily. So grateful to have found Kathleen and that our kids get along so well!

And just in case you haven't had enough cuteness already, here's a video of Olivia giving herself kisses on the mirror. Hahahahaha!

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