Saturday, July 23, 2016

Evelyn and Olivia's First Birthday!

Since we were on holiday in Naftalan the day of the girls' actual birthday, we held their party the following Sunday afternoon. I had so much fun planning all the small details and was fortunate to have a sweet friend's husband bring me some supplies from the US to make it complete. It was a wonderful party and we are grateful to all our new friends that came to celebrate with our family!

I used the daily pictures I had taken of each of the girls (Evelyn and Olivia - via Collect) to make the large 1 on the background. Since Olivia is allergic to eggs, I used a new recipe that a friend in Norway passed along and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the cupcakes turned out! I made them and the girls' smash cakes myself along with the cake and high chair banners.

I made the First Birthday chalkboards for each of the girls and modeled them after the one I made for Madi at her first birthday party. It's totally out of my comfort zone to do something so artistic (and honestly stressful - I much prefer excel!), but I am happy with how they turned out and I love seeing all three girls' next to each other in their playroom.

We took pictures the evening before when everything was setup so that it was out of the way on party day and because it was dark so the lighting was better. However, we made sure to capture a family picture at the party and then pictures of the food setup.

And what would a first birthday be without smash cakes! Evelyn (as expected) made a hot mess of hers and was slapping the cake with her hand. Olivia was dainty and refined as she took small pieces of icing and restrained herself.

But overall they both loved it and went straight to the bath afterwards!

Happy First Birthday precious girls! :-D

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