Sunday, July 10, 2016

Evelyn and Olivia: 12 Months

ONE YEAR! It's cliche to say the time has flown by, but it most certainly does feel that way on one hand. However on the other hand, when I look back at your newborn pictures it feels like ages ago that you were really that small. It's also gotten infinitely harder to get you to sit still for pictures as evidenced above. When one of you sat there, the other moved. When we put the other back, the first one moved. I broke a sweat running around the bed trying to get you to sit next to one another for more than one second - I failed as you can see above. ;-)

I'm elated and proud that we've made it to one year with twins... but we couldn't have done it without help from so many people and it would be amiss for us to take all the credit. They say it takes a village and I truly felt that village wrap their arms around us before and after the twins were born. We had help from family before they were born and after. We had meals every other day for two months from our friends and church family. We had help after our parents left from two amazing girls doing a gap year. We had people drop everything and help us when Jason was away and we had an emergency as well as help watch the girls so we could prepare for our big move to Baku. Then we had friends load up our 16 pieces of luggage and strollers and take us to the airport to send us on our way to our new home (despite their threats to kidnap us and make us stay ;-) ). And here in Baku we've been blessed as well with help. We found an amazing nanny who the girls adore. We've had new friends help with the girls as we've been getting settled. We are so blessed to have had so many people love on our family and all three of our girls - THANK YOU! :-)

- Both of the girls are standing independently for longer and longer periods, but no steps quite yet. Olivia has started to lift the back of her feet a few times, but then decides against any actual steps. I would have bet money you'd have walked by now so glad no one took my wager. ;-)
- Olivia is still an amazing sleeper and Evelyn prefers to play. Jason stayed up late one night working and happened to look at the baby monitor at 2 am and saw Evy sitting up in her crib playing with her stuffed puppy. Eh - at least she does it quietly.
- Evelyn has four teeth and Olivia has five teeth - quite the difference from the eight their big sister had when she turned one.

- You girls both love to laugh and it melts my heart. You have so much fun playing with your big sister and stealing toys from one another. We've even caught you playing together and laughing and loved it.
- We discovered you both have a love for balloons. There are two floating around still from Madi's 3rd birthday and you girls love to tug on the string and watch the balloon. You'll be thrilled next weekend at your first birthday party to see your giant "1" balloons I think.
- Both of you love the water (baths and swimming pool), but especially Olivia. You will both walk along the steps and crawl on the shallow steps and Olivia will just sit there and splash water on herself.

- Liv has started to give us kisses and not just herself in the mirror. ;-)
- You two have been on 27 flights (just three flights short of your big sister by the time she turned one), visited nine different countries, and have lived in two different countries! Pretty crazy for your short one year. :-)

Evelyn Grace

Weight: 20.2 lbs
Height: 27.6 in
Head: TBD

Dear Evy - your laugh and your smile are contagious. You are spirited and cheeky and l-o-u-d! I mean, seriously loud. You obviously got that from Daddy along with your good looks. ;-) You love to slap your arms and crawl around quite fast. You don't take the answer "no" too well and usually sass back when we say it to you. You are so joyous (except first thing in the morning when you want your bottle - stat!). We are so blessed to have you in our lives and thank the Lord for your happy personality!
Love, Mom

Olivia Ann

Weight: 18.9 lbs
Height: 26.8 in
Head: TBD

Dear Liv - I will never tire of your snuggles. The way you climb into my lap and rest your head on my leg or chest. It's adorable and sweet. You have changed so much the past couple of months. You laugh easier now and smile more and are a little flirt. You wake up and just hang in your crib playing until we come get you and then you give us the biggest smile. You are also a bit cheeky at times, but generally listen better when we say "no" (and give us the saddest little pouty face). You help balance our family and we are blessed to have you as our youngest daughter!
Love, Mom

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