Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Somehow my husband has missed all three of our children's first Mother's Day. Coincidence? That's up for debate. ;-) However, I still had a fabulous day celebrating with my three cuties, but missing my husband far away in Baku.

I woke up to this sweet post on Facebook from Jason -

We had unusually warm and sunny weather in Stavanger over Mother's Day weekend and so we spent most of the day outdoors. We walked the twins to sleep and then Madi and I kicked the soccer ball around, played "on the beach" (i.e. sand volleyball court), and laughed. A lot. It was brilliant.

After naps the girls were all smiles and we just hung out together.

And then I shamelessly got my oldest to wish me Happy Mother's Day on camera. And she wouldn't stop saying it. #overkill. HA!

And then I remembered that it was the twins' first Mother's Day and there's a page for that in their baby books... By that time it was almost 7 pm and close to bedtime. I looked a mess and there was of course no one around to take a picture... so Stingerie girls selfie for the win. #secondandthirdchildproblems

All joking aside, it was a great Mother's Day although I would have loved to have had my husband there with us. These three are sure a handful (and it's only just beginning), but I love them so much and love being their momma - I wouldn't change a thing! Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous moms out there!!

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