Sunday, May 15, 2016

Halfway Through May

Well y'all - we are halfway through May. And guess where I'm posting from? Baku!! We finally got the girl's visas last week and made the long flight out here Thursday. We almost didn't make it out of Norway (that deserves a post of its own), but in the end everything worked out and we arrived late Thursday night - exhausted, but excited to be together again. :-)

We had a fabulous time the beginning part of May while we were still in Norway so here's a recap of those first couple of weeks.

The girl's and Jason's residence permits for Norway expired May 1. That landed us with an 18 hour trip to London where we literally stayed at the hotel and flew back early the following morning. The trip was so short that at the airport in Stavanger they printed and accidentally gave us Jason and Evelyn's London to Stavanger boarding passes instead of the reverse. Yikes! Jason let me go off shopping for the few hours we had Sunday afternoon and I headed back to the hotel just in time to join them for dinner.

We didn't get the girl's visas in time for our schedule May 5 flight. Unfortunately things are crazy busy for Jason and so he needed to get back. He took the cats and three suitcases and got moved into the house to await our arrival.

The weather was unusually warm the second week in May and we spent a lot of time outside enjoying it!

And seriously, how cute are these two??

Our amazing friend Sandy spent a whole day with me and the girls. It was great to have help and adult company! We visited Sandved park to enjoy the beautiful weather.

We had a Starbucks date and enjoyed walking around downtown.

Our final day in Norway we visited the beloved Leo's Lekeland with the Kolesar family. We barely saw the oldest three and both Levi and Liv protested naps and instead played together and got caught giving kisses. Aw, young love. ;-)

It was a hard and sad goodbye at the end - especially when Kara's oldest boys started crying. That set Kara and I off. :-(

We had such an amazing last couple of weeks in Stavanger and it was hard to say goodbye to so many amazing friends we've met over the years.

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