Thursday, May 19, 2016

First Week in Baku

Well y'all - it's been one week in Baku. I wish I could say the transition has been seamless and easy - that I haven't burst into tears five out of the seven days we've been here, that I didn't miss Norway and being able to drive myself and make a quick run to the store or friend's house easily, that having three at home isn't hard work and that I don't seriously miss barnehage and our old routine, that we haven't had any issues with the house that have been frustrating to resolve. But none of that is true. It's been hard. I know that in the long run these little things will be forgotten and seem trivial. I know that things will get easier as we go along and get comfortable. The logical part of me knows all of this, but the emotional part is having a rough go. Just being real.

But - there's always positives. The people here have been so amazing! Everyone has been friendly and helpful and kind in answering questions, including us in playdates and activities, lending us things we need, and taking me on a much-needed grocery shopping orientation. Huge blessings. Today I attended a women's Bible study and the host's daughter watched all three girls for me. I needed that break more than I realized and when we did a unique activity and washed each other's feet and prayed over one another I lost it and the tears came (again). I needed those prayers and that fellowship. God is so good in providing just what we need at the right time.

So now that I've poured my heart out and been honest about the hard part of the transition, here's some of the fun parts. We have a wonderful community and a great park super close. We've been out exploring the park and the soccer fields and going for wagon rides. The twins have loved having their big sister home with them to play and I have enjoyed my extra time with Madi even though it's made for very busy days having all three by myself. So here's some of the joy we are experiencing in our new home. :-)

1. Madi loving on CeCe. Those cats missed her!
2. Madi pushing her baby sisters on the swings.
3. The girls had a blast! The house behind is not our house, but we are just one to the right and ours is identical on the outside.
4. Matching pink jelly shoes.
5. More park fun.
6. View of an old platform from the rooftop terrace of the house.
7. A ridiculous day of steps. By the end of the day it was at 39,602! This was last Friday when I was unpacking our 16 pieces of luggage. HA! It's also the result of having three floors now with the bedrooms on the top floor and the living room and kitchen on the first floor!
8. First wagon ride!
9. More wagon ride. The girls all loved it. :-)

1. Testing out the chicken and roasted veggies.
2. Happy babies!
3. Delivered Starbucks. Jason worked late and then left early for a meeting downtown (which is right by Starbucks) and dropped this beauty off to me on his way back to the office. Lovely!
4. A surprise gift basket from a fellow twin mom in the neighborhood. So sweet.
5. Evy smiles! A friend lent us an activity cube and a jumperoo - both of which the girls are ecstatic to have.
6. Liv smiles.
7. Playing in the park.
8. More park fun.
9. Madi helping me pull the wagon.

And because I know y'all are dying to see the inside of the house... here's two quick iPhone snaps. You'll have to wait until we have our stuff and are more settled for a full house tour. ;-)

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