Monday, February 29, 2016

Manchester Winter Break

Winter break. Nine kids. Three moms. Cheap and nonstop flight to Manchester. All the makings of a fun and crazy week! We had a blast with our friends and all their littles - it was definitely fun... and crazy!

We flew into Manchester with a short non-stop flight on Monday morning and caught the wrong train to our hotel. So after spending an extra 25 min seeing the scenery of Manchester and walking around a bit we finally got into our hotel and got settled! Then it was back out to walk around a bit, find dinner, and coordinate plans for the next day.

Tuesday we headed over to the Trafford Center to find Legoland and SeaLife Center. We booked the combination tickets to visit both locations and had a long day, but with lots of fun!

Wednesday we headed back to the Trafford Center and took advantage of their play area (with babysitters) to drop off the majority of kids before power shopping for two hours (and visiting Starbucks...). We grabbed lunch and then headed back to the hotel afterwards to give the smaller kids naps since they'd missed them the previous two days and we could tell they needed them!

Thursday we had a slow morning and all hung out in our rooms before venturing out close to lunchtime. We made a quick stop at the Museum of Science and Industry, but it got crowded very quickly and everyone was hungry to we grabbed some lunch.

Then we caught the bus to head over to the Manchester Museum, near the University of Manchester. Again the museum was pretty crowded (I think it was winter break for everyone) so we visited the dinosaur exhibit before heading back towards our hotel and calling it a day.

Friday morning we got up bright and early to make sure we were checked out and get our nine kids and many suitcases on the correct train to the airport! Another short non-stop flight and we were back home! It was a fabulous trip and we enjoyed visiting as adults after bedtime. :-)

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