Friday, February 5, 2016

Disney on Ice: Stavanger, Norway

Last Friday we got to attend the 25 year anniversary show of Disney on Ice with Madi. We hired a babysitter to watch the twins and spent the afternoon and early evening on a date with just our oldest daughter. She had a lot of fun at the show, but kept asking (more like demanding - ha!) that Mickey and Donald come back. In her defense she hadn't seen most of the shows they featured - The Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Peter Pan. But she did love seeing the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well as the last movie feature, which I'm sure you can guess... Frozen! :-)

Here are some pictures from our date night with Madi -

Intro, Mickey Mouse and friends (Madi loves Goofy!), and The Little Mermaid

Peter Pan! We watched the movie the following night with Madi and she enjoyed it. :-)

And of course it wouldn't be a good Disney on Ice right now if it didn't feature.... Frozen! 

The finale!

It was a wonderful date night with Madi and we were grateful to be able to take her to Disney on Ice!

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