Monday, February 29, 2016

February in a Nutshell

So it's February 29th - leap year! The month seemed to fly by regardless of the extra day and I find myself behind on blogging so here's a recap of some of this month's favorite photos and videos. Enjoy! :-)

  1. My auntie's amazing outfits - courtesy of Aunt Steph, but I'm sure Aunt Lil would agree that they are both pretty amazing. ;-)
  2. Happy Liv!
  3. Happy Evy!
  4. Jumping babies.
  5. Mommy's helper in the kitchen - cutting vegetables for dinner salad with her toddler knives.
  6. Evy has decided to start climbing everything... 
  7. Cats. They are still alive and well despite a lack of blog appearances these days. ;-)
  8. Madi in her Minnie Mouse costume for barnehage Karneval celebration.
  9. A spa treat from my friends Liz and Courtney. 
And big sister Madi entertaining her baby sisters by throwing a ball and making Liv smile and Evy laugh!

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