Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: It's November?!

So all of a sudden it's November 1. Um.... how did that happen?! Before I know it we are going to be heading to the US for the holidays and I feel like I have so much to do! And my time is sure kept busy with these three precious blessings. Here's the past couple of weeks again in a photo bombing of cuteness. :-)

1. Madi loves sitting between her sisters on the nursing pillow!
2. Sweet cuddles the evening we returned home from Denmark.
3. My friend Nikki flew up to see our friend Kirsten and was able to swing by the house for a quick hi! It was so neat to see her and introduce her to the twins!!
4. Madi had a fever two days this past week and was home with me. Fortunately Mickey Mouse entertained all of them - ha!
5. Nothing helps a fever like icing! ;-)
6. During Bible study one of our babysitters, Ms Eme, helped Madi make a drawing of her family and friends. So adorbable! And now hanging in her playroom. :-)
7-9. Saturday was dreary and overcast... and since that's the usual forecast for this time of year in Norway we didn't let it stop us from going to the park!

Evelyn has started laughing. So precious!

And Madi started praying at dinnertime. "Thank you God for food. Amen!"

And then there's these two. They are so happy and smiley and joyful!

After church today we made our semi-usual stop at good ol' McDonalds. We seriously eat there more then we ever did in America because it's one of the only places open on Sundays, it's just around the corner from our church, and we are starving by 12:30. Fortunately we all love french fries. :-)

We are training Madi to smile on demand for pictures! ;-)

Hope you had a wonderful week!

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