Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Twin Tuesday: Purple and Pink

I love that we chose a color for each of the twins - purple for Evelyn and pink for Olivia. It gave me a "theme" to decorate the nursery and it's been a good excuse to buy coordinating outfits for the girls in those colors. These outfits were some of my favorite that I found here in Norway and I was excited to get some pictures of the girls in them.

We don't care if the girls wear the other's color, but it's funny to see how their colors are being owned by others in the gifts we've received and how the girls are perceived when they wear the "wrong" color. ;-) We've never told Madi that purple was for Evelyn and pink for Olivia. But she's so smart that she picked up on it from their cribs and when we've dressed them in those colors. A couple weekends ago she went and got the pink soothie paci for Olivia and then looked right at us and said "I go get purple paci for Evelyn." Bahahaha! Girlfriend knows what's going on!

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