Monday, September 14, 2015

Twins' Monogram Photo Shoot

My friend Ashley makes the most beautiful baby clothes! She made Madi's One Year dress and I constantly swoon over her Instagram pictures of the Sunday dresses she makes for her daughter Elise (#elisesmamasews).

She surprised me with two gorgeous monogrammed dresses for Evelyn and Olivia! It was such a sweet gift and we had fun doing a mini photo shoot for the girls. They also wore their dresses to the twins' diaper shower last weekend.

I promise these two are super happy and smiley, but man if you thought capturing one baby smiling was hard, try capturing two! I don't know if we will ever synchronize their smiles, but we came close. They both have such a beautiful smile that these pictures so not do justice to the smiles I am blessed to get on a daily basis. :-)

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