Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cindy's Visit to Norway!

We love Cindy Meeh! Jason and I met her almost seven years ago when we first started attending CEPC and doing ballroom dancing lessons. Since then she has mentored me and loved on our family. She and her husband David open up their home to us everytime we visit Houston and Madi is over the moon for David's Uppy Uppy and Tick Tock games.

So when Cindy said she'd like to come visit us in Norway, I nagged her until she bought tickets. ;-) It was wonderful to have her here and show her some of this beautiful country. She also loved on all three of our girls and was crazy enough to hop over to Warsaw with me for a few days!

The day after she arrived I took her hiking to Maanafossen. The drive there and to Byrkjedal (the candle factory) for lunch was great. The weather was perfect for hiking!

We also ventured downtown to visit Starbucks and just walk around. We had dinner downtown at NB Soerenson's and checked out the Noah's Ark replica located in the harbor. (I wouldn't recommend visiting it though...)

After we got back from our trip to Warsaw, we picked up Madi from barnehage and headed to Sola beach for Cindy to see the North Sea and dip her feet in the water. (She's crazy- that water is freezing. Note the difference in attire between Cindy and Madi, who was also playing in the water...)

I was pretty terrible at taking pictures during her visit so there are none of her and Madi playing together. :-( Madi had a blast though with Miss Cindy and we are so grateful for her friendship and love for us and our girls!!

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