Thursday, September 10, 2015

Evelyn and Olivia: Two Months

Two months?? Seriously? So cliche, but I am going to think that every time I do one of these monthly updates. The time has flown by! I cannot believe you girls are already two months old! You are both doing so well and I am amazed at how relaxed and easy-going you both are. :-)

Here are some of the memories/milestones we want to capture from this month -

- Both of you are smiles, smiles, smiles. Especially in the morning. You wake up and are hungry, but both still have big smiles for Mommy and Daddy. That is unless we start taking too long on the diaper change. ;-) You are happy throughout the day as well and I just love it!

- You both went to the chiropractor. Olivia had an adjustment the previous month to help her turn left and ever since then has been great. Everything else checked out fine with both of you. The chiropractor did warn me that you are both very strong (like she warned me with Madi) and to again be alert that you will probably hit milestones early.
- So speaking of milestones, Evelyn is rolling pretty well from front to back! You've done it once or twice Olivia, but I think it was head weight and not intentional like Evelyn.

- You both love being on your backs on the playmat together. It's very different than with Madi who hated being on her back because of her reflux. Olivia spits up a bit more than Evelyn in general, but it's not the same screaming and pain that Madi experienced. We are very grateful for that!

- You girls had your first airplane ride when we went to Oslo to apply for your citizenship and passports. And congrats, you were approved! ;-)
- We had family visit last weekend and decided to take you on your first hike! It was the short and steep Maanafossen that we've done multiple times, but we love taking people on it and you gals slept the whole time. Like literally, you did not even wake up when we took you out of the car seats to put you in the ergo carrier or took you out of the ergo and back into the car seat. Sound asleep.

- There have been a couple nights you have slept 6-7 hours. We took you into bed with us for the last 30 min - 1 hour because it was so close to your waking time anyway. We've decided to delay sleep training for another couple of weeks though because you are smaller than Madi was at this age and since you were technically premature from your due date. However, come 10 weeks old, we will be trying to cut that 3-4 am feed. :-)


Weight: 10 lbs, 6 oz
Height: 22.0 in
Head: 14.75 in


Weight: 10 lbs, 13 oz
Height: 21.9 in
Head: 15.5 in

We love you so much baby girls! And so does your big sister. Madi loves to hug you, hold you, give you kisses, and hang with you. We are so grateful she loves on you both and can almost tell you apart. ;-)

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