Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Friends and Family Fun

We had a lot of fun this week as a family and with our friends. Last Sunday our little ladies were wide awake, which I think everyone in church was happy about. Daphne and Kemi were quick to call dibs on a baby (and Kemi has asked to reserve one every Sunday!). They held these two the entire service and I think everyone was a fan. :-)

Monday and Tuesday were planning days for barnehage meaning that they were closed and we had to keep Madi home. Jason needed to work on Monday and rather than tackle all three kiddos by myself, our friend Sandy offered to come over and help us. Madi had a blast playing with her and I enjoyed getting to visit with her during naptimes.

Jason was able to take off Tuesday and we decided to take Madi to Leo's Lekeland, one of our favorite places. We had a blast playing together and Madi made it up the highest she ever has before on the volcano! Girl is a good climber!!

Our week mostly consisted of snuggles and playtime with our three precious girls. I have a feeling that's what will occupy the majority of our time from now on. :-)

They are so loved by their big sister! Madi enjoys giving baby sisters kisses, holding them, and playing with them. In fact I think they are getting more kisses than us these days!

It's kind of long, but absolutely precious. "Not push me baby sisters."

Saturday we took the girls to Sandvedparken, one of our other favorite spots. Our friend Kristy and her daughter Sara were able to join us and the girls had fun playing together! But these two slept through the whole thing. ;-)

Today we went to church and while I intended to get pictures of our three cuties afterwards, two of them were asleep and one wanted to play outside in the beautiful weather we were having again. Alas, I don't have any pictures from today. But... I do have an adorable video of Madi singing her ABCs! Sort of. Pretty good for a two year old I'd say! Especially the part where she switches and almost starts singing "Him belong, they are weak" from "Jesus Loves Me". Ha! ;-)

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