Monday, August 10, 2015

Evelyn and Olivia: One Month

I can't believe it's been a month! (I also still can't believe we have two babies so apparently I am just not good at accepting reality?) This past month has flown by quickly and had lots of ups and downs, but mostly ups. These girls have stolen our hearts and are being loved on by their big sister Madi. She loves to give them stuffed animals, play food, blankets, and have Hans (her doggie) kiss them.

Here's your one month update baby girls! :-)

- We haven't gotten into a great routine yet, but I'm okay with that. You are typically eating every 2- 3 hours during the day and have been kind and given us between 2-4 hours at night. One night you even gave us 5 hours!
- We are tandem breastfeeding still and that's going pretty well. If one of you wakes, then we wake the other one in order to keep you on the same schedule. It's going well, but we've also had help this whole month. I'm going to try keeping you on the same schedule still, but it will be more strategic once I am on my own!
- You girls are sleeping together at night because I hold you and lay you down simultaneously after your feeding. However, for naps we are putting you in separate cribs. Sometimes you'll nap in the nap nanny together and every once in awhile a swing, but we are starting to try and do naps in the crib when we are home. You also did not get the memo that you were born in Norway and should be sleeping in your pram. We've taken a few walks in hopes of calming you and getting you to take a nap and they have been a big fat fail. :-/


Length - 20.1 in
Head - 14 in
Weight - 8 lb, 4 oz

- Your arms! Girl, you have got some long arms and love to stretch them out, especially during a diaper change. We joke that you're directing traffic or practicing for cheerleading. :-)
- You are more laid back (in general) than your sister. We've noticed a few times that you've been crying, but if Olivia starts to cry you get quiet and wait for your turn. 
- You are very strong and have had good head control since you were born. We're comfortable putting you on your stomach for naps as you seem to prefer that and can hold your head just fine. 
- You are very alert! You love to gaze around at everything when we are holding you. 
- You are the spitting image of your Daddy and I love it! We had to get Daddy's birth certificate out for our upcoming trip to the embassy and saw that he weighed 6 lbs, 6.75 ounces (compared to your 6 lbs, 6.5 ounces). How crazy that you were so close to weighing the same!!
- Seriously little one - let's talk about milestones. You are not supposed to roll yet... but you have rolled from your stomach to your back THREE times! 


Length - 19.7 in
Head - 15 in
Weight - 8 lb, 13 oz

- You have such wide eyes! You almost look like you are perpetually surprised and it's adorable. 
- As mentioned above, you are a little more fussy than you sister and definitely have a louder and stronger cry. 
- You seem to be sensitive to dairy (and Evelyn too, but less so) so Mommy is cutting that out now along with caffeine. It's not pretty!
- You are a better eater than your sister and like to comfort suck once you are finished. There have been multiple times you've smiled on the breast and milk has dribbled out. 
- You like to pee on Daddy during your diaper changes. You've done it to me once or twice, but you do it for Daddy pretty much every time, haha.
- You have the cutest smile and show it most after you've finished eating and I'm holding you in my arms. It makes me laugh that you are so content after mealtime. :-)

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