Thursday, August 6, 2015

Evelyn and Olivia's DIY Newborn Photos

We decided to attempt our own newborn photos this year... quite the challenge with twins, right? The prices for photographers are so expensive here in Norway and they've gone up since we did Madi's. We had a friend of ours take some lifestyle family pictures which turned out fabulous and I am so glad we were able to capture some of all of us and Jason still get a chance to test out his photography skills with some DIY ones.

There were definitely some advantages to taking them ourselves - we were able to setup the photo shoot and take them throughout the day when the girls were sleeping best. (Opposite behavior we had with our family lifestyle pictures!!) We had times where one was asleep and the other wasn't so that worked well for individual photos also. Plus I was able to continue feeding on their schedule and we had three sets of adult hands (Jason, me, and my mom) to arrange, hold, and help with the babies.

I put together the props and Jason got the backdrop built from spare cardboard and wood. We had most of the props already either given to us as gifts or random things from around the house or things we borrowed from friends. So overall we didn't have to spend a lot of money on new things. Jason already had all of the camera equipment, but purchased a light director thing.

Here's a behind the scenes picture of our photo shoot -

Jason did a phenomenal job with taking the pictures and spent a few hours watching some tutorials and then editing them. Do I have an uber talented hubby or what?? Look at these gorgeous shots!!

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