Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life Lately...

We're still here! It seems like all I've had to post lately is about our twin pregnancy or Madi's monthly updates... so here's a catch-all for all the other fun things we've had going on in life lately! :-)

1. Starbucks finally opened in Stavanger!!! My friend Kelly and I visited on opening day - fab!
2. And Jason and Madi had to experience Starbucks... Madi stole Jason's chocolate frap and didn't want to give it back!
3. Madi and Mommy selfie at Starbucks! (I promise we've done more than just go to Starbucks...)
4. Awkward CeCe.
5. Delicious kanelboller after playing at the park!
6. Rough life for Zoey.
7. Fun in the sun after barnehage!
8. We left a friend's birthday party and I made the mistake of leaving the goodie bag within Madi's reach of the car seat... next thing I know I hear wrappers being opened and I arrived home to find Madi's hands and face covered in chocolate. Amazingly enough though, the car seat and her clothes had hardly any at all!
9. Madi is very literal. I told her to "tickle Daddy back" and she listened. ;-)

1. Daddy and Madi giggles!
2. Jason's fraternity brother and good friend Huy came to visit us for the weekend with his friend Melissa. They were fabulous company to have and we braved hiking Maanafossen despite the typical rainy Norwegian weather. The waterfall was larger than we'd ever seen so I was glad we ventured out!
3. After our hike we took a quick trip over to Sverd i Fjell (Three Swords,) a nearby landmark.
4. Madi was super loving during my 34 week picture session. :-)
5. Lazy cats.
6. We got tickets to the the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championship tickets. Fortunately the weather was fabulous when we went! Madi loved running across and up/down the bleachers and I enjoyed seeing some fantastic volleyball and the USA beat Australia!
7. Best. Present. Ever. I told my friend Daphne I wanted a beer drinking helmet. I mean, how else am I supposed to drink while tandem breastfeeding, am I right?? And she delivered. Awesome!
8. The past year and a half I have been playing bunco with a fabulous group of ladies. I'm taking a break this fall due to the little ones arrival, but I have had a blast playing with them!
9. :-( Ms Jenny is moving at the end of this week and we are so not ready to lose this precious family. Her and her husband Paul have loved on us and Madi so much this past year and we are so sad to see them go. Worst part of expat life is saying goodbye to fabulous friends. :-(

So see, we are still around? I've got a few other posts to try and catch up on this week, but most likely next since someone is turning two this Saturday and big plans are underway for her marshmallow mania party!! :-)

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