Monday, June 15, 2015

ConocoPhillips Family Day

A few weeks ago we heard about the ConocoPhillips Family Day. There were two options - the zoo in Kristiansand (a four hour drive away) or Kongeparken (an amusement park about 30 min away). The zoo would have been a lot of fun, but the drive wasn't something we wanted to do or plan an overnight, so we opted for Kongeparken. We visited it last December for the Baker Hughes Family Day so it was nice to see the park in daylight and all the regular activities they offer.

Madi is too small for most of the rides, but she loved the tractor ride, train, slide, and mini carousel! She also had a blast just running around and playing with Daddy. Mommy walked slowly with them and took an opportunity to get pictures of Madi and Daddy.

It was a fun family day for the three of us! :-)

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