Thursday, June 18, 2015

Glass Blowing at Mingar Walker

My friend Courtney setup glass blowing last week and I was eager to participate! I've known a lot of people that have gone before and the idea of blowing your own glass bulb sounded really cool. We headed down to Naerbo, the location of the Mingar Walker glass factory. We got a brief introduction and then tackled the hardest part... picking your color and design!

There were lots of different colors and three different patterns you could choose from. I've reached a point where I can't make decisions and fortunately deferred to my husband for input and decided on a teal glass bulb.

Here's some pictures from the process (along with a video) and my bulb! (PS Don't I look huge?? I was a tad bit worried about being able to get back up from the ground - ha!)

My bulb! I love it!! Now to find a good place to hang it. :-)

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