Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Twin Tuesday: 20 Weeks

How far along: 20 weeks (click here to see 20 weeks with Madi!)

Gender: We found out we are having two more precious baby girls! Here is Madi sharing the exciting news via a delicious cupcake. :-)

Twins' Development: The babies' bodies are now coated with vernix, which they will have as long as they are submerged in amniotic fluid. The top of my uterus is now about two inches above my belly button. (Source: Baby Center Twins)

Sleep: Still sleeping very well, but consistently having to get up at least once to use the restroom. Otherwise it's been good and I'm thankful for that!

Movement: I've been feeling more and more flutters inside, but nothing outside yet. We found out at our hospital ultrasound last week that both of my placentas are anterior so it will probably take longer for us to feel any kicks externally. :-(

Unglamorous body changes: Nothing really - still no stretch marks, but definitely growing. We've only been in America for a few days and already Jason and I can see that I'm quite a bit bigger! Really glad I don't spend my entire pregnancies in America... I'd be gigantic!

Maternity Clothes? Wearing pretty much all maternity pants and a few stretchy regular ones. I also switched over to majority of maternity tops. 

Showing: Yes! People have actually asked how far along I am so I must be showing. ;-)

Food cravings: Nothing really. We are getting lots of delicious and unhealthy American food. Hello donuts and Mexican food, hehe. 

What I miss: Nothing comes to mind. 

Anything making you queasy: Nope! I can drink coffee again!! Woohoo! Now I'm just having to be disciplined and only have one cup of regular and then switch to decaf, which is like nonexistent in Norway, but fortunately available in America. 

Strange experiences: Shopping for twins and thinking about all the stuff we are taking home with us! We were definitely thinking we were set on baby stuff, but have had to get some more clothes (especially in newborn size) and then another high chair, rocker, new stroller, etc. It's been a bit overwhelming!

Best moment this month: We had our hospital ultrasound last week just before we left for America. This is the official ultrasound where they take extra time and precaution with measurements to check that everything is going well with the pregnancy. It took about 45 min for her to do all the measurements she needed on both babies. We have two incredibly active and healthy baby girls who are measuring perfectly (same as a singleton still) and my due dates wasn't adjusted any based on their size. 

Also, we had a safe and amazing time traveling with Madi to America! I was able to get some rest on the flight and stay hydrated and moving. Madi behaved super well and we are so grateful for that. This past weekend we had one set of grandparents come visiting us and we were very sad to see them leave today. Madi had a blast playing with them and we enjoyed having an extra set of hands! We're staying with Jason's sister and her family and have had a blast catching up with them and watching all the cousins play together. 

Looking forward to: Seeing more family and friends while we are here in Houston! Also hitting a few more restaurants and shopping places on our list before we leave. :-)

And just for fun, I pulled my 20 week picture with Madi... I am definitely showing a lot more than I was with her! (I also hadn't been to America yet either, hehe.) 

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