Friday, February 20, 2015

Madi: 20 Months

20 months on February 20th!!

Oh Miss Madi! You are still a bundle of joy (most of the time). You make Mommy and Daddy laugh when you say "Mo peas" for "More please" (usually when tickling!). You love being tickled and we happily oblige until you've had enough and say "nei Daddy" or "nei Mommy".

You have started talking sooo much this month and are constantly saying 4-5 word sentences. You have gotten very good at telling us what you want. A couple of days ago you were playing with a jar of money. Yesterday you found another coin and said "money put in jar"! It's amazing! And you speak very clearly too. :-)

We've also gotten a lot more Norwegian... usually we don't understand you, but you say things so clearly and repetitively that we know you are speaking Norwegian. Your teachers have told us you are very good at talking and can point out and say all of the kiddos names in your class. Some of the Norwegian words we've gotten are "ferdig" (pronounced "fardi", which means "done"), "mine" (pronounced "meena" which means "mine"), and "titt-tei" (pronounced "teet tie", which is the equivalent of peek-a-boo).

You have also gotten a lot more timeouts this month... fortunately this method seems to be working well and you now understand what timeout means and the threat of one when you don't listen. It breaks our hearts to close your bedroom door with your screaming, but you are starting to listen better.

Today when Mommy was getting ready for work you lifted up my boxers and said "belly baby". I kindly explained to you that it was my thigh and showed you where you could lift my shirt to see my belly. You will point to my tummy and say "babies" and we've also gotten you to say "two sisters", "twins", and "baby sisters". It's precious! I also noticed that I said I was getting big the other day and tonight when I was rubbing my stomach you said "big belly". Thanks for that. Guess I need to be more careful what I say about myself!! ;-)

You helped us tell everyone that you are getting baby sisters in this adorable video post.

A new favorite game is to hug the cats. CeCe and Zoey don't really appreciate it and usually one of us has to hold them, but we have started letting you give them a treat afterwards and so I think they tolerate it. ;-) You get sad and upset when you run toward them saying "CeCe hug" and they start to run away from you. You love them so much and one day they will realize that you are the key to unlimited treats and love and affection.

You have progressed from climbing and sitting on things to climbing and jumping on things. This has resulted in us having to keep a closer eye on you, restrict your climbing on certain things if we aren't in the room with you, and a couple decent spills including a nice bruise on your chin. Quite the little daredevil you are becoming there missy!

Thank you for being such a precious baby girl! You are so smart it just continues to amaze us every day!!

Daddy and Mommy

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