Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Valentine's 2015

It was a beautiful, sunny week and weekend in Stavanger and we took advantage by being outside as much as we could! We had a lot of fun on our Valentine's weekend and hope you did too. Here are the highlights of what we did - 

1. Lazy Saturday morning opening Valentine's cards and playing with stickers in our heart pajamas. 2. Visiting downtown Stavanger with friends for a playdate and lunch. My favorite valentines! :-)
3. Helping Daddy make delicious smoothies for an afternoon snack.
4. Taking a walk with Kitty and Hans in Madi's pram. She did a great job steering too!

5. Madi made valentines for Daddy and all of her grandparents and enjoyed painting.
6. Even though they don't really celebrate Valentine's Day here in Norway we still thought it would be fun to make class and teacher valentines. And what's cuter and more appropriate than the fox?! Nothing. :-)
7. Madi helping Mommy make brownies and licking the spoon clean.
8. Yummy brownies!
9. Our precious little Valentine before church on Sunday. After church we headed back outside with the soccer ball and had fun kicking it around with Madi!

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