Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Twin Tuesday: First Trimester Recap and 13 Week Ultrasound

I just finished re-reading my First Trimester Collection with Madi. Wow, did it read like a book to how I have been telling people I currently feel! I remembered some stuff from before, but not all of the similarities between the two.

First Trimester Symptoms
1. Morning sickness (or lack there of...):

  • Similarities: I was so grateful to not have to take progesterone this pregnancy that it didn't even occur to me that it could be because there were two babies in there!! I haven't been sick once for which I am extremely grateful since I read that you can be hit twice as hard with twins since hormone levels are so much higher.
  • Differences: Even though I haven't been sick, I have definitely felt a bit queasy here and there. Nothing too bad, but if I didn't eat pretty soon after waking or have a snack/meal every 3-4 hours it would hit me. 
2. Fatigue:
  • Similarities: Definitely have been exhausted. It's hard to say if it's more/less than my first pregnancy, but it feels like more! Whether or not that can be attributed to twins or having a toddler (or a combination of both) is debatable. 
3. Food aversions and cravings:
  • Similarities: Sweets sounded horrendous for most of the first trimester (which obviously has its pros/cons!). Additionally, coffee (even the smell) has been a nemesis since finding out we were expecting. [On the plus side though, after I angrily accused Jason of having coffee aversion because it was his baby, he smugly retorted to me "well then next time have a baby with someone else." So I have permission to cheat on my husband should I want a fourth baby. ;-)]
  • Differences: Perhaps its because we've lived in Norway longer or haven't been back to the States in awhile, but I am craving American junk food and fast food (think spaghettios, chick fila a, cheez its, taco bell, etc. etc.)
4. Body changes:

  • Similarities: I lost a little bit of weight in the beginning with Madi and I have as well with this pregnancy. 
  • Differences: Definitely showing sooner (which is usual with second pregnancy)
5. Other:
  • Differences: Baths. I have been obsessed - to the point where I am having one almost every day. It seems to help relax me and give me an extra boost of energy to make it the last couple of hours in the evening after Madi has gone to bed. 

Bump Pictures!

13 Week Ultrasound
Yesterday we had my 13 week ultrasound. And there are still two babies in there. I told the doctor I just needed to see proof again to really accept our fate. She laughed and was gracious - even when bombarded with a list of questions Jason and I have compiled as I've been reading through the book When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads. I have a couple others on my list that I want to read including some books on coordinating twin schedules after they are born. If anyone has other recommendations please let me know! I'll do a review post of the books I read like we did with Madi.

The ultrasound itself went very well - the doctor wasn't able to get heartbeats because the twins would not stop moving around! Guess they are movers and shakers in the womb like their sister. :-) However, she was able to get measurements on both of the twins. They are measuring almost exactly the same as one another AND the same as a singleton pregnancy would for 13 weeks. All of that is great news!! She said given my history she wouldn't be surprised if I was able to go to 38 weeks (I carried Madi almost a week past her due date and she weighed a healthy 8 lbs). I wasn't sure if that news was supposed to be encouraging or terrifying - I guess a bit of both! ;-)

I was so glad Jason was able to come see the babies with me this visit. It's amazing to see your little one inside you move and seeing two is just as miraculous! At one point both of the twins had their right hand covering part of their face in the exact same position. It was darling! I also laughed at one point and watched Baby B float up and back down on the monitor with my movement. So amazing!

As a reference, the twins could still possible switch places, but are currently sitting on my upper right side (Baby A) and lower left side (Baby B). We got a couple pictures of them individually and a couple together. The last one is my favorite because you can see both sets of little legs and bodies!

We have two appointments next month - one more around 16 weeks with my doctor and then our 18 week ultrasound at the hospital to check gender and screen the babies to see if any genetic testing is recommended. We hope they cooperate and let us know if they are boys or girls!!

Baby A

Baby B

Baby A or Baby B? with hands covering face

Baby A and Baby B

We appreciate your continued prayers for the health of our little ones! Here's to a healthy (and hopefully more energetic!) second trimester!

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