Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's Trip to Hovden

We got a cabin in Hovden, a ski town, as part of the company lottery. We weren't sure if we were going to use it or not as I was really wanting to travel somewhere for New Year's since we were spending Christmas here in Norway. But as we got closer to December (and found out I was expecting), an easy and short get-a-away seemed advantageous.

We headed up to the cabin on Dec 31 and met our friends the Kolesar family who we'd invited to join us for the week. It was a long drive up there (about six hours with a couple bathroom stops), but so beautiful.

Our cabin!

After we arrived, we got settled and enjoyed a bit a sledding and some premature fireworks that the kids loved.

Jason and I are a bit snobby about fireworks since our alma mater, Mines, always does a fabulous Engineering Days show. However, Norway surprised and thoroughly impressed us! There aren't any regulations about fireworks in Hovden so we literally had a 360 degree show, including fireworks in the cabin directly behind us. Here's some video Jason shot, mostly of the neighbor's show -

We spent the next couple of days sledding and playing in the snow, napping (all of us - not just the kids!), and swimming.

And of course Daddy had to teach Madi how to climb a ladder. In his defense, she was already attempting after watching one of the boys scamper up it!

Mmm... Ms Kara's brownies! Delish!

And of course we had to have black-eyed peas and cornbread on New Year's Day!

Our last day/evening there it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. We no longer had a sledding hill / path to the car and the boys had to spend the morning shoveling us and the cars out so we could head home. (Thanks boys!)

This is the window from our bedroom... with snow almost to the top!

We had a long drive back home which consisted of lots of Peppa Pig and a couple stops for Madi to steal my ice cream and take a turn driving. ;-)

It was a wonderful and relaxing trip with friends and a perfect way to ring in 2015!

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