Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twin Tuesday: 12 Weeks

How far along: 12 weeks, 3 days

Twins' Development: Ears are in final position on sides of head; eyelids are less transparent and eyes have moved closer together (source: Baby Center Twins)

Sleep: I am waking up a few times a night and have to get up usually once (sometimes twice) to go to the bathroom. However, I am able to fall back asleep pretty quickly. I've been really exhausted and going to bed early and sometimes napping. :-)

Movement: I swear I felt a tiny flutter already, but everything I've read says that you don't feel twins any earlier than a singleton baby (although you usually feel your second baby sooner than your first). 

Unglamorous body changes: Nothing really bad yet. No stretch marks and I'm not showing as much as I thought I would. 

Maternity Clothes? I did bust out the belly band, but I think that's mostly because my pants were already too tight from being overweight before I got pregnant (why did no one tell me I had gotten so fat??)

Showing: I definitely have more of a bump than I did at this point with Madi! It's still in that awkward "is she pregnant or just chunky?" phase though (despite what it looks like above - note to self: don't take bump pictures right after a meal or high-sodium ramen...)

Food cravings: Where do I begin? I am not sure if it's because we've lived in Norway for so long or because it's been so long since I was last in America, but you name an unhealthy processed food and chances are I have been craving it - bagel bites, velveeta (thankfully a co-worker brought me some this week!), ramen (although I can get an equivalent here), sour candies, spaghettios, fig newtons (thank you Joy for giving me some!), string cheese (thanks Rick!), and cheez-its (thanks Mom!). That's all I can think of right now before lunch because I'm now getting hungry. ;-)

What I miss: See above.

Anything making you queasy: I have definitely felt more queasy overall this pregnancy. The smell of coffee is probably the strongest aversion that I've had. (I haven't had a cup for weeks now and I used to have three a day. Sigh.)

Strange experiences: The idea of having twins? It's still really surreal to me. We have our next ultrasound Monday, Jan 12th and I am anxious to see those babies and ask my doctor the long list of questions we've compiled about how things work here in Norway with twins. 

Best moment this week: Getting approval to do our baby shipment with my company early and getting it doubled since we are having two babies! Houston here we come!! 
(*Update: a couple of people asked what a baby shipment is. My company gives you an additional air shipment if your dependency number changes while on assignment. We will fly back to Houston to do most of our baby gear shopping and the company will handle packing and shipping to Norway for us. It's amazing!)

Looking forward to: Ultrasound next week... I need proof that we are really having twins for it to sink in (because obviously one ultrasound isn't enough to convince me - ha!)

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