Friday, August 9, 2013

Madi's 6 Week Checkup

Wednesday we had Madi's six week checkup at the helsestasjon (even though she's seven weeks old...). They weighed her and did her head circumference and just checked how she was doing overall.

Little miss is gaining weight fabulously and is up to 11.5 lbs!! She's just under the 85th percentile for weight according to the World Health Organization charts. She doesn't quite outweigh Zoey yet though. ;-)

The nurse also said she has very good eye contact and is great at following objects/people by turning her head. She's got a good, strong neck when she's on her tummy and is very good at smiling and talking. The nurse commented that we must be talking to her a lot and interacting with her well for her to be showing such good development this early. Score one for Mommy and Daddy. :-)

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