Thursday, August 22, 2013

Disconnect to Connect

Even though this video isn't in English, it's point comes across clearly.

I first saw this video a couple years ago when our Family Life minister Freddie was encouraging our Sunday school class to pick one day a week to turn off technology. Jason and I liked the idea, but thought it seemed an impossible undertaking given our technological jobs working at a computer all day and the ever-growing world of social media.

However, now that we have Madison we are starting to re-think our priorities and considering implementing some kind of "disconnect to connect" in our own lives. We are far too guilty of turning the TV on when we get home just to have it playing in the background for noise when instead we could be listening to uplifting music. Guilty of sitting together on the sofa on our computers after Madi has gone to bed when instead we could be visiting with one another about our day and enjoying a bit of quiet together. Guilty of checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BlogLovin', and Pinterest when I feed Madi when instead I should be memorizing her beautiful face and talking to her. Guilty of checking Facebook too often after I post something just to see how many likes or comments I have.

We know the time we have with Madison is going to fly by far too quickly. We can't believe she's already two months old! It's time for us to disconnect from the realm of technology so that we can instead connect with what's most important to us - our beautiful daughter who is already growing up too fast!

We'll start with baby steps - an evening without the TV, a day of not checking Facebook, and then perhaps eventually work our way up to a full day without computers, TV, or iPhones. But don't worry - I'll still make sure to blog about this little cutie and how she's doing! :-)

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