Thursday, July 11, 2013

Madi's Chiropractor Visits

Today was Madi's second visit to the chiropractor at Klinikk for Alle. She is seeing the same chiro I saw throughout my pregnancy, Charlotte. Why are we visiting the chiro with Madi at such a young age? Well, little miss has been having some stomach and digestion problems. :-/ A few people suggested we take her to the chiro to help and after reading a few things online we saw that it can help. Plus Charlotte specializes in babies so what a blessing to be able to take her to someone I already knew and who knows how to help!

On Monday, Charlotte said that Madi's lower abdomen was definitely tight and could be contributing to her digestion problems. She also explained to us that little ones have nothing in their systems when they are born, including good bacteria to help them digest breast milk. If we were bottle feeding, then we would start giving her infant probiotics, but since we are exclusively breastfeeding right now I have started taking a probiotic to help her. We also got some leg exercises to do after she eats as well as some stomach massage techniques to do on her in the evening.

 Unfortunately, Miss Madi hasn't had any improvement since Monday and is spitting up worse. :-( Charlotte checked her again and said her pelvis is looser than it was on Monday (which is good) and also checked her jaw and latch with her finger and didn't see any issues there. Her suggestion now is for me to eliminate all dairy products and see if that improves things. She said that we should see a noticeable improvement quickly if dairy is the stomach culprit.

Please keep her in your prayers that we can figure out what's causing her discomfort! At least the car ride seemed to soothe her. :-)

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