Saturday, July 20, 2013

Madi: One Month

  • You are very strong! You've been good at holding your head up since just a week old. At this point you can hold it up for over a minute before getting tired and laying it back down. I have no doubt you'll be holding it up all the time pretty soon!
  • We love your Madi Sleeping Smiles as you start to doze off. We also got to see a big awake smile (probably gas...) where you smiled with your whole face and it just made Mommy's heart melt. I can't wait until those smiles are (purposely) directed at Mommy and Daddy. 

  • You started doing tummy time in your second week after the nurse at the health station came and did our home visit. You push up so you're sitting on your knees and hold your head out. You also like to go onto your stomach and lift up all four limbs at the same time like you're flying. It's adorable.
  • You rolled over for Grandma! It was during tummy time and you went a full 180 degrees. Mommy was hoping it was a fluke (or that Grandma was exaggerating about it being a full roll over), but you showed me the following day that you could still do it! Now you need to show Daddy that you can roll over!
  • You fart every time Mommy starts feeding you. Fortunately they aren't smelly, but what a way to start off your meal little bug. :-/
  • You are a very serious person. You have this intense gaze like you are soaking in everything around you and evaluating it already. I love seeing it and wondering what you are thinking.
  • You have a love/hate relationship with the pacifier. Sometimes you take it easily and others you seem to know exactly what it is and you make a face and spit it back out at me. And I swear one time you purposely smacked it with your hand when I was trying to put it in your mouth. You looked like you knew exactly what you were doing... 
  • You LOVE baths. You weren't a big fan of your first one at the hospital hotel, but you have enjoyed all of the ones at the house. You even enjoyed it when Daddy used the spray faucet directly on your head to rinse your hair!

  • You had a growth spurt around three weeks. For a couple days you ate every two hours and then slept a full six hours at night! Mommy and Daddy appreciated the extra sleep.
  • You have had your days and nights pretty straight ever since we brought you home. You go down pretty easy at night after feedings. However, you are definitely a morning person. You seem to know when it's the 5 - 7 am feeding and you are wide awake afterwards! This makes us question if you are actually our child since neither Jason nor I are morning people. ;-) Without fail, every morning feeding after 6 am you are wide awake. And it's not until later in the afternoon that we are able to get you to nap again.
  • You've been having some tummy troubles for a couple of weeks. You seem to struggle to go to the bathroom sometimes and cry like it's hurting you to go. You've still had enough messy diapers each day so we know you aren't constipated. We started seeing the chiropractor and Mommy is trying to eliminate dairy and see if that makes a difference for you.

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