Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grandpa Comes to Visit!

Last week Jeff flew out to join us in Stavanger. He was very excited to meet Madi and Mom was excited to see her husband!

The two of them left the next day to do some sightseeing around Norway for about a week before coming back to Stavanger. Jeff stayed a couple more days with us before heading back to Oklahoma.

We got to show him Lake Mosvatnet -

As well as the Norsk Oljemuseum (mine and Madi's first visit as well!) -

Jeff enjoyed the offshore escape route :-)
And finally the must-see Gladmat festival that's going on in Stavanger right now. It's a huge food festival that we've used as an excuse to get out and not cook dinner a couple nights and for me to try my first post-baby beer. I shared it with Jason and granted it was probably the Norwegian equalivalent to Natty Light, but I still enjoyed it. :-)

We had a wonderful time with Jeff here and were sad to see him leave today. Fortunately we get to keep my mom for a couple more days. She's busy soaking up all the Madi-time that she can get before she leaves. :-)

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