Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Day The Coupons Died...

Couponing has been a big part of my routine for over two years now (read about my couponing suggestions here.

I've had quite the stockpile built up in the freezer and pantry. It was a good thing too because this spring when Jason and I were training for the MS 150 bike ride, preparing for his graduation and graduation party, and making preparations for our three-week vacation outside the US, we didn't have time to grocery shop and survived 90% on the stockpile (and 10% weekly perishables like fruit, milk, and veggies).

Things haven't calmed down since our vacation either! We found out we were moving to Norway (read about that here), were approved to take the Professional Engineering exam in October, and are trying to get our house ready to sell while flying to visit our families one last time before we move.

Needless to say the couponing has taken a back burner to everything else. I even went as far (gasp) as to cancel our newspaper a couple weeks ago because I know I'm not going to get a chance to coupon anymore right now. (And believe it or not we are still surviving on the pantry and freezer stockpile though I will admit its getting quite low...perfect timing perhaps for our move in November!)

Today it hit me how much couponing has changed my grocery shopping. We needed a couple things from the store including cereal. I had a minor (okay major) panic attack when I got to that aisle. There are a lot of choices people!! I typically head straight for the cereals of which I possess coupons. I had none. So how do I choose?!?

I didn't. I called Jason. When he didn't answer I called my mom and told her I was freaking out. She said I was ridiculous and to buy Shredded Wheat. Well I knew I didn't want that! Then Jason called me back thank goodness. I rattled off some names of ones on sale (Baby steps peeps, you didn't actually expect me to get one without a coupon and full price?!?).

He choose. I left. And yes I did hesitate at the self-checkout. I also avoided going to my usual cashier who last time mentioned she hadn't seen me in awhile and asked for my coupons. However it was all for naught because the self-checkout still rubbed my lack of coupons in my face when it said "Do you have any coupons?" No! I don't!! For the first time in over two and a half years I don't have a single coupon! Breathe Darcy- it's okay to buy a box of cereal and not use a coupon. But it hurt a little bit inside.

This cereal better be good after the grief it inadvertently caused me!

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