Monday, September 24, 2012


This weekend we got to see my mama in Oklahoma City and it was wonderful!! My mom and I are super close and a lot alike. She's one of the most amazing women I know and we are going to miss her and her husband Jeff tremendously when we move to Norway.

I was also able to see a few old friends while we were in town. We landed Friday night and my mom took me to see my friend Chelsea for a couple hours. She was flying to Calgary the next day so it was my only chance to see her. Her little one Cole was asleep but I got to get a peek at him in his crib. He's super cute and has gotten so big since I saw him last! Chels is already talking about coming to visit me next summer and planning for us to run a half marathon in Stavanger!

Saturday morning I had breakfast with my sorority sister Caitlyn and my friend Kate who used to live in Houston. Kate recently had her first little one Eloise who joined us for our girl's lunch as well.

It was wonderful to see both of these ladies and get an update on how their lives are going! (Lining up by height was unintended! ;-) )

The rest of the weekend we enjoyed Mom and Jeff. And how did we enjoy each other's company? Why gambling of course! (It's obviously hereditary, hehe.) we spent a few hours hitting the slots and blackjack tables before grabbing dinner at the casino's buffet. Jason and I found a great machine and quickly hit multiple feature games and overall came out about $300 ahead, one of our bests!

We spent Saturday night visiting and showing Mom and Jeff some of the apartments we are looking at in Stavanger and updating them on how everything is going.

Sunday we visited their church and stayed afterwards for their game day potluck lunch. When we got home Mom dominated all of us in pool. She used to hustle people for money when she was working and going to school. You don't want to play her...

Once we'd had our fill of being beat we showed Mom and Jeff some pictures from our trip to Peru and Honduras and spent the rest of the time before our flight relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Fortunately, we will see Mom at least one more time before we move because we are storing some of our things at their house in OKC, but I'm sure going to miss her... Until she comes to visit next summer!!! :-D

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