Sunday, October 31, 2021

October Update

The fall has been dominated with outdoor activities (specifically baseball and t-ball) plus parties and playdates with friends!

Baseball vibes! Madi joined the Orieles and rocked her first game (hit and out) earning her player of the month in 9U for the month. Love watching her play in her first team sport!

Beach babes! We headed out to the water with friends for some much needed goofing off and vitamin D. 

All the paddling! I have been going out to Katara to paddle with friends as well as West Bay Lagoon. I am loving being on the water. 

  1. The girls made bracelets to sell in the compound to buy candy for the Afghan refugees on the US air base here in Doha. 
  2. The spoils of their money and other donations for the fall festival on base. 
  3. Bagging hundreds and hundreds of goody bags for the kids!
  4. Enjoying the drift competition from Dad's shoulders. 
  5. Family photo at the drift competition.
  6. Personalizing her hand-me-down kicks. 
  7. Delicious homemade breakfast sandwich.
  8. Enjoying the Family Fridays at Doha Spots Park after baseball is over. 
  9. A much-needed Loot evening out with these ladies.

  1. Fall break fun at Jump (Madi)
  2. Fall break fun at Jump (Liv)
  3. Fall break fun at Jump (Evy)
  4. Kidzmondo for the day!
  5. Straight hair for school.
  6. Delicious mexican chicken dish.
  7. Awkward Zoey.
  8. Family games Friday!
  9. Playdate at Caboodle. 

I also got a chance to spend some quality time with Evelyn and Olivia during overnight stays at a hotel during the school break! I was sad not to travel this break, but then really enjoyed the time at home and with friends before our big trip this December. 

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