Saturday, October 30, 2021

Camel Races in Qatar

 One of the things remaining on our Qatar list was camel races. The schedule is completely in arabic and the races can be cancelled or delayed without notice. We asked a friend to help translate and confirm times the day before and then the next step was the find the exact location. We drove past what appeared to be the entrance, but said do not enter. However, after watching multiple cars pull in that way we decided to give it a go. It was the correct things to do 😂

We drove in and managed to find our way over to where the cars drive alongside the camels while they race. It is completely nerve-racking as the land cruisers are swerving, speeding, and moving all around you to try and stay with their camels (so thankful Jason was driving!). 

We did this a couple rounds before the police kindly pulled us over and informed us that trucks are not allowed, only SUVs. We pulled off and walked up to where the camels start the race and got to see them up close and watch a couple more races with friends before calling it a day. It was definitely a fun experience and we will probably go again in the future if we have friends visiting us. 

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