Sunday, January 3, 2021

New Year's Inland Sea Camping

 What better way to spend New Year's then in the desert (noticing a theme here, haha!)?! The longest we'd camped before this trip was two nights - however, we were concerned if we waited to head out that our spot would be taken if we waited too long and sure enough people rolled up after we'd setup that had been intending to camp where we were located. (There are lots of permanent Qatari camps around the coast so it can be tricky finding a good spot that has privacy, but also is accessible and won't get wet when the tide rolls in.) 

We headed out to the Inland Sea for this trip and had different company each of the three nights we stayed. It was fun to mix with different people and the kids loved having so many friends join them for playing! It was four days of fun playing in the sand, climbing the dunes, swimming, laughing, and eating delicious food (including the traditional black eyed peas and cornbread on January 1!)

The New Year's Eve Crew! 

Some fabulous sunrises and sunsets out in God's creation! ❤️

A sweet picture my friend snapped of my girls and some of hers during a gorgeous sunset. 😍

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