Sunday, January 31, 2021

January Happenings

 After spending New Year's Eve camping, the rest of the month seemed to fly by quickly with lots of fun things happening. We headed back out towards Sealine for the Marmi festival and ATV fun and stayed busy with activities around the house and with friends. 

  1. We took the metro over to Souq Waqif for an adventure with the kids on a Thursday evening. They still have not been out to many restaurants so it was a treat plus they always love taking the metro. 
  2. A sweet friend's husband brought this book to me when he headed to Doha. ❤️
  3. These girls planned and executed a picnic for all their siblings and us moms. It was the sweetest!
  4. Jason's 3D printer/CNC machine/engraver/whatever it's called (I am probably using all the wrong terms) got setup and calibrated. 
  5. The first print - a tugboat. However, one should never call it a tugboat (even though that's what it is). It's called a benchy because it's the benchmark print test when you first get a 3D printer 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. Printing again - toy airplanes launched via rubber bands
  7. On a day when all the kids were in school we headed to the earliest showing possible of Wonder Woman before pickup. It was amazing and also weird since we hadn't been to the movies for close to two years.
  8. Dinner out with some of Evelyn's classmates' moms
  9. We bought SUPs (paddle boards) from from friends leaving and I got a chance to take it out for the first time (albeit in a bit too windy conditions)

  1. I hosted book club this month (we read The Midnight Library) and we enjoyed a charcuterie board (my first ever!) and wine outside. 
  2. Zoey attending Grade 2 classes again 🙄
  3. Twins being silly while waiting in the car
  4. We braved taking the crew out again for dinner at Cut by Wolfgang Puck because our friend Chef Justin promised to babysit the kids 😉
  5. Family photo!
  6. We hung Lego shelves and the girls setup their growing collection of builds
  7. The go kart track re opened and Jason setup a guy's night to go check it out. Needless to say he will be back 😆
  8. I started a new Prayer Journal book and am really enjoying it so far!
  9. We celebrated my sweet friend Marli's birthday with a lovely evening out. 

  1. My friend Brenda and I headed to a favorite spot for a girls night at Nobu before she left Doha 😢
  2. We also had a day in the desert with Brenda and her husband to see some sights still left on their bucket list
  3. Hitting the bike path - Madi signed up for a desert bike race in February so we started doing some training rides.
  4. Jason built this bookshelf to close up one side of our playroom and give us more storage. He did amazing!
  5. We headed up to the Mangroves for a short kayak trip with friends. 
  6. These two asked to go out on their own and loved paddling!
  7. Lunch with friends was the perfect mid-week encouragement.
  8. Jason printed a cat pencil holder for the girls. 😊
  9. And also personalized unicorn bookmarks 

It's been a great start to 2021 thus far and we are thankful for some of the experiences and activities we've been able to do as things have continued to slowly normalize here. The weather has also been fabulous and we are grateful for the chance to be outdoors as much as possible!

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