Wednesday, December 30, 2020

December Diaries

In the final month of 2020 things started to open up here even more and we are very thankful. (Keep in mind Qatar implemented a very strict lockdown process earlier in the year that has allowed things to ease up as numbers have decreased in the country.)

  1. Madi got to attend her classmate's birthday party and had such a blast!
  2. We hosted Friday church with a group of friends. 
  3. Part of the activity for Friday church was making a temple. Zoey liked it. 😂
  4. Checking out the drive-in cinema for Peter Pan! We inflated the air mattress and stuffed pillows all around the back of the truck and it was 👌🏼
  5. Teacher gifts for the girls to bring to school!
  6. Checking out a new park that opened near us. 
  7. Meeting up with Evelyn's class at MIA Park for a playdate!
  8. The gorgeous view of downtown from the park.
  9. The girls were invited to a fun Christmas party, but got distracted heading to the friend's house. 

The mom drew Christmas trees on canvases for the girls to paint and had other arts and crafts along with cookie decorating kits for them! It was so organized and fabulous and the kids had so much fun!

  1. We snuck away for a boat date one Thursday when all of the kids were in school. We picked up breakfast on the way and enjoyed a relaxing morning of sunshine and great company with friends.
  2. Madi and her ever-present companion during a class call. 
  3. Evy and Daddy matching race car shirts. 😍
  4. A couple sweet friends brought me back some American magazines to enjoy this holiday season!
  5. A fabulous girls night out with these gorgeous ladies. ❤️
  6. If you give a cat a box...
  7. This month the Bethlehem star (the planets Saturn and Jupiter) were converging closer than they had been in the previous 800 years. We were able to see them during our camping trip in Zekreet, but then a friend lent us a telescope to use on the peak evening when the planets were the closest. It was spectacular! You could actually see the rings of Saturn through the view finder. The picture does not do it justice!
  8. The picture we were able to get of the planets in close alignment. 
  9. A fun evening of hot chocolate and a sad going away for a dear friend. 😢

Jason purchased kayaks a few weeks ago, but we hadn't had a chance to take them out on the water yet. We fixed that this month and met up with some friends who also kayak for a morning of fun and exploring in the Mangroves. 

We made a repeat visit to the drive-in cinema when they released new times and showings later in the month. We wore our matching Christmas pajamas and made hot chocolate bombs that everyone loved! 

When the school break started we had friends over and all made gingerbread houses! It was a great way to start getting into the Christmas festivities. 

Jason and I were spoiled with a fabulous evening out with this group of friends! It was the first date night we've had since our anniversary I think (yikes!) and such a great time catching up and enjoying the delicious food at La Mar and stunning backdrop of the city dining out on the pier. 

We had a great Christmas and we will head out to the desert for another camping trip to celebrate New Year's! It's been a fun month with great weather for spending time outdoors and I think we did a good job taking advantage of that. 😊

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