Saturday, May 23, 2020

Homeschool Chronicles: Weeks 6 - 10

If you missed the first post about the start of our Homeschooling adventure you can catch it here. 😉

As we've moved into a routine with school things have gotten slightly easier. Madi has started working more independently and gotten used to the technology to read through her assignments and how she can contact her teacher with questions during the school hours. It also helped that we had overlap in a few of the topics all the girls were covering so I could combine/modify some activities to do once for everyone.

She continued with her Unit of Inquiry (UOI) on "How the World Works" with lots of different experiments. Her favorite being the last one before the Eid break when she made three different parachutes and dropped them off our balcony. Her Language has gotten better as she works hard on her writing and she's taking quickly to the different methods of adding and subtracting using tens work that they've covered in Mathematics along with looking at 2D and 3D shapes.

Making oobleck

Testing best cleaning liquid for coins

3D shape monster

Yoga with her teacher and classmates

Testing what dissolves ice the fastest

Draw based on verbal instructions

Parachute experiment

Passion Project - building a lego horse stable

Performing Arts - make puppets and do a show

Madi wrote and did a skittles experiment with her sisters

Teaching her sisters subtraction ;-)

Madison's Chatterbox Tutorial she made for her class. 

Evelyn and Olivia have continued in their Art / Artist Techniques UOI and they investigated lines, brush strokes, splatter painting, and dot painting. The unit ended with them making a final art piece of their choosing. The next unit is looking at pencil strokes and writing utensils along sketching. Their Language continued with sounds and practicing writing and Mathematics continued with numbers as well as 2D and 3D shapes, volume and capacity, and patterns.

Class "field" trip to the z-z-zoo during "z" week

Meddy Teddy yoga

Evelyn's Final Art Piece

Olivia's Final Art Piece

3D shapes

Exploring writing utensils

Beginning sounds activity

Beginning sounds activity

Landscape sketches

It's crazy to think that we've been at this now for 10 weeks! Wow!! 😮 We still have a few weeks to go after the girls Eid break next week and I am thankful for the routine it's providing for them.

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