Friday, January 31, 2020

January's Over

I feel like we are starting off 2020 good so far with three posts before the usual monthly recap! 😆

Besides new year's, exploring outdoors, and a happening week we still had lots of fun with friends, birthday parties, and school events!

1. Moana and Madison putting on a show.
2. The little ones were not to be left out and had their own show ready for the encore.
3. It's been chilly this month so instant pot potato soup hit the spot.
4. Birthday party fun watching the magician.
5. Scootering at Katara.
6. CeCe lounging.
7. Fun at Bounce for a friend's birthday party.
8. A coffee catch up with a friend.
9. A selfie? And with blue hair? Keep reading. ;-)

Two of my closest friends had their birthdays this month and I'm so thankful I got to celebrate with them. Michelle and I surprised our friend Marli by dyeing our hair blue and then dyeing hers. We love how it turned out and she was very thankful.

Michelle's birthday was towards the end of the month and we celebrated out in the dessert (blog post to come). However, I was able to give her a birthday hug and coffee on her day.

We signed up for a cooking class at 800 Degrees pizzeria and it was the perfecta after school activity for these hungry girls. They make delicious pizza!

We got to attend multiple fantastic and fun birthday parties this month! Our neighbor Sophia had a delicious and adorable candy-themed birthday and our friend Mikey had a fun Pokemon-themed party. The girls were in heaven at both!

1. We've visited a new favorite park multiple times this month. It's nearby and relatively unknown meaning it's not too crowded yet.
2. Olivia was excited to pick up trash. She ran over to us and said "I'm saving the planet!"
3. Delicious tacos for a Mexican fix.
4. If I fits, I sits. 🙄
5. Puddle jumping during the January rain.
6. Scarves and jackets for the cooler weather this month. [And Madi's fake eyeglasses she insists on wearing 🤷🏻]
7. Delicious Tandoori chai with a friend after visiting the new fruit and veg market.
8. My salsa-making helper with the goods from the market.
9. After church lunch with friends, but waiting for the restaurant to open.

The girls had Sports Day this month at school. The parents were invited to come watch the younger kids outside, but since Madi had seen me at the opening ceremony I snuck over to the gym to watch her as well. The weather was perfect and the girls were ecstatic about their medals!

Madi has been learning about places in Qatar and had multiple field trips in December and January to visit different landmarks. The unit is finished, but not before their Celebration of Learning where we were invited to meet with our "travel agent" and learn about Qatar. Madi loved showing me the pictures she's made and helping me prepare for my trip.

I saw multiple memes about the 37th day of January and how the month felt slow. It seemed to pass quickly for our family (not without it's ups and downs of course) because of so many things happening in Doha and school that have kept us busy. However, we are excited for February to come because we have some fun things to look forward to next month!

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