Sunday, January 19, 2020

Doha Happenings

Do you ever have those weeks where it feels like there is so much unique stuff happening that you want to do and take advantage of? This past week was one of those and we definitely looking forward to resting next weekend!

We kicked off the weekend with a family bike ride from our compound over to the Lusail boardwalk. We weren't sure if we'd even be able to ride it, but we were and the girls did amazing and had a lot of fun! We rode along the boardwalk, stopped for a coffee and snack, played on the playground, and then finished the ride home.

That Sunday I met Jason at the convention center downtown near his office to walk the International Book Fair happening. We got some amazing deals on some great books and enjoyed a quick lunch together.

Tuesdays are half days for the girls and we took advantage this week to hit up the Kaffeinated Festival in Katara. The girls enjoyed waffles and hot chocolate and we enjoyed trying a couple different coffees.

Last year we attended the Light Me Lusail festival and were excited to visit it again this year. They changed up all the different light stations from last year and the girls loved it. Their favorites were the boards that made mosaics and the "conducting" of the lights.

While the weather was still nice we headed back to Torba Farmer's Market once again for scootering and some amazing food and juices!

Afterwards we had a quick outfit change and headed to Disney in Concert! The girls were mesmerized with the music and singing and we loved experiencing the joy with them!

I'm thankful that not all our weeks are quite this busy, but was happy to take advantage of all the fun things happening in Doha!

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