Sunday, December 22, 2019

Eye Rock

This December we've made a point of trying to get outdoors and explore outside the city. We stopped by the Torba Farmer's Market for snacks and to meet up with friends before heading out to the desert to find the Eye Rock. 

We had the place mostly to ourselves and spent a few hours climbing, taking pictures, having a picnic lunch, and just enjoying being outdoors with friends!

The kids headed off without hesitation to find the absolutely most-challenging route up to the top. 🙄

Then we took turns taking individual and family shots on the eye. 

I think Madi and Ezra did it better 🤣

The formations are so amazing and neat to explore. There are hills (?) like this all across the desert.

We got a fun group photo before we left and are thankful to have friends who love being outdoors with us. It's amazing how much more fresh the air is outside the big city. 😁

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