Thursday, October 31, 2019

Oh October!

October came and went with lots of fun, a trip to Greece in between, and finished with a fun Halloween evening.

The first weekend of the month my friend Michelle and I (who both share a love {bordering obsession} for Hamilton), hosted a girls overnight to listen to the soundtrack, do fun face masks, and spend the next day relaxing by the pool.

Here's the rest of the month's memories for October. :-)

  1. Water beads and color-changing cars. Entertainment for hours!
  2. Playdate at her favorite indoor play with a good friend.
  3. Oktoberfest came to Doha and we enjoyed having a night out!
  4. Birthday party fun with face painting.
  5. We squeezed in one final water park visit with friends before the weather changes.
  6. The girls have started enjoying painting their own nails.
  7. After school playdate with her bestie.
  8. Baking cookies for their classes!
  9. There's a delicious vegan pop up at the girls' school and we've been enjoying the popsicles and donuts. 

  1. Laughter with friends is the best on a Thursday night. 
  2. Along with pizza and a movie with friends!
  3. Created a new chore chart for each girl to help with household responsibilities.
  4. Reading with Daddy.
  5. Moms night out with these lovely ladies!
  6. Sprinkler fun on the new playgrounds the compound has added.
  7. Panda masks our friends brought us from South Korea.
  8. Zoey the meerkat wanting to be let back inside.
  9. Reading to pass the time before gymnastics class.

  1. A fun brunch with friends and delicious food!
  2. We've been carpooling with friends and they love getting to ride in each other's cars.
  3. Pretend school after real school during their playdate.
  4. Swimming and South African braai with friends.
  5. Dinner date night with this handsome guy.
  6. And a good excuse to get frozen yogurt afterwards. 
  7. Olivia: "Mommy I made you!" Thank you sweet girl, ha.
  8. More carpool fun with these guys!
  9. A standoff between kitty cat and okapi, hahaha.

  1. An apple for each of their teachers at their 3-way parent teacher conferences this month.
  2. Cooking class to learn how to make Enny's amazing noodles and spring rolls.
  3. Zoey protesting the suitcases and packing cubes being pulled out...vacay is coming!
  4. Singing "You've got a friend in me" with her class for Performing Arts.
  5. Grade 1 has presentations on Who We Are with books they made of celebrating their culture. Madi's book included her American celebrations like Fourth of July, as well her her Norwegian Constitution Day celebrations, Azerbaijani Novruz celebrations, and Qatar National Day.
  6. Packing prep for the airplane ride entertainment.
  7. 8. and 9. Painting boxes to collect and organize their artwork and papers coming home from school.

We are ready for November and {hopefully} cooler weather soon in Doha!

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